The Morphic Mobility Scooter Di-Blasi R30 UK

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How the mobility scooter automatically folds up into a small and convenient size.

The Mophic Mobility Scooter Di Blasi R30, the only automatically folding mobility scooter is now available in the UK.

Automatic folding

Folds and unfolds automatically with the press of a button.

Portable mobility

Compacts down to the size of a suitcase; can be carried on trains and stored in car boot.

Lightweight & strong

Weighing only 24.6 kg (including removable battery.)


With a turning radius of just 86cm; can easily cover a wide range of terrain.

From suitcase to mobility scooter at the press of a button

The Morphic Mobility Scooter Di Blasi R30 is a scooter powered by an electric motor. It can be folded or unfolded fully automatically: just press a button to fold to the size of a suitcase, just press another button to let it return to normal scooter, immediately ready to run.

When unfolded, it offers a comfortable seat and easy access; it is easy to drive: just turn the main switch and regulate the speed by turning the twist grip; can be driven also in narrow areas because its overall width is only 62 cm (24,4 in); it is handy because its turning radius is only 58 cm (22,8 in) and it can go in reverse; can be driven even on unpaved roads thanks to its large wheels (31 cm – 12,5 in diameter); it easily climbs up to 12% slope; it has a range of 20 km (12,4 miles)

Totally portable mobility scooter

When folded, its size is only 62 x 39 x 48(h) cm (24,4x15,3x18,9 in) and therefore can be stored almost everywhere: in the boot of cars, of motor homes, in the elevator, in a small corner at home, etc.

The weight (including the battery) is 24,9 kg (54,8 lbs); without battery (which can be removed or fitted in one second) the weight comes down to 22,1 kg (48,7 lbs)

Very easy to charge and use

The Morphic Mobility Scooter Di Blasi R30 fits a Lithium battery very light and reliable. Its use does not require any special care thanks to an electronic control device of charge and discharge.

FREE home demonstration available

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Unfolded: 65 cm (25.6 in);
Folded: 65 x 37 x 48(h) cm (25.6 x 14.6 x 18.9 in)


Max Load : 100 kg (220 lbs);
Turning radius: 86 cm (33.8 in);
Max speed: 6km/h (4mph);
Range on flat road: 20 km (13 miles);
Max slope: 11% approx


Voltage: 24V;
Max output: 250W

Battery Pack

Type: LiFePO4;
Voltage: 24V;
Capacity: 9Ah;
Charger: 2 A;
Weight: 2.8 kg (6.2 lb)

Other Equipment

Electro-magnetic brake on the motor;
Belt brake on the front wheel;
Parking brake;


With battery: 24.6 kg (54.2 lb);
Without battery: 21.8 kg (48.0 lb)

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